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Pink and lime…for Christmas?!?

I know that Christmas has officially come and gone, but there are so many cute and creative Christmas cards to share, that I am going to post Christmas cards until the end of this month.  Maybe you will find some inspiration early on for the Christmas cards that you plan to send next year!  This particular post is about using colors that are not traditional….hot pink and lime green, to be exact.  Therese Calvird, of her blog, Lost in Paper, shares some cards using Penny Black products, with a hot pink and lime green theme.  These cards are simple designs, but very elegant and classy.  I love the fact that Therese literally used just four colors; hot pink, lime green, white, black; to make these beautiful cards.  Don’t be afraid to step out of the box and use different color palettes when making cards for traditional holidays.  Let your creativity loose!



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I am passionate about travel, paper crafting, and collecting. I became passionate about travel when I took a solo trip to Paris in 2012. It opened my eyes to all of the wonderful things to see in this big world. I have been a a rubber stamp and paper crafting enthusiast for 25+ years. I value the friendships that I have made along the way, and the incredibly creative things I have seen and continue to see. Collecting is another one of my pastimes....mugs, keychains, travel memorabilia, Disney merch, and most recently, jewelry. Follow me as I share my love for these passions.

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